SF Ballet Nutcracker Opening Night...Magical!

I cannot even begin to describe my excitement over the Opening Night of the much anticipated Nutcracker production of SF Ballet. Our excitement have been building since last September when Isabella auditioned for a role in this magical production. Isabella's enthusiasm and dedication is so evident in her attendance. She never missed a single rehearsal and was on time and ready for each call. And last night was her most anticipated call...the curtain call for opening night. Isabella had the time of her life performing for a packed audience at the War Memorial Opera House.

Our day was just as magical as the Nutcracker. We will cherish and remember it for years to come. My mom and dad Dennis were with us to share in this magical day for Isabella (Russ was in San Luis Obispo; we're scheduled to watch as a family on the 19th).

Isabella's magical day started with a dress rehearsal from 12:30-3:30. As soon as we entered the intersection of Grove and Van Ness and saw the War Memorial Opera House adorned with giant Nutcrackers, we couldn't contain our excitement. Isabella and I started screaming and giggling.

After dropping Isabella off, we decided to calm our excitement and headed to Macy's in Union Square. We somehow found ourselves in the cosmetics department where we ended up having our make-up done (my mom and I). After our own magical moment of skin care and make-up application, we were off to pick up Isabella. She was so excited to tell us that they rehearsed with a full orchestra.

We then headed for early dinner at Max's Opera Cafe together with two of her fellow clowns and their families.

After dinner we rushed to their normal ballet class. Their regular class time is from 5:45 to 7:00. The three of them were allowed to leave class early to head to the War Memorial Opera House across the street. They were instructed to sign in like little professionals and head on to their assigned dressing room where they were to wait for hair, make up , and wardrobe calls.

As for us adults, we went to the War Memorial around 6:00. We met up with Owen and her family. Her two sons, Josh and Troy (my godson), are very sweet kids. Troy is so precious and couldn't wait to see Belle. It was also nice to have met Owen's boyfriend, Paul.

It was our first time at the beautiful War Memorial Opera House. I made a mental note of the moment...where we were seated, what we were wearing (including my special purse which I will talk about in a separate blog), the decor, and everything else I could remember. It was surely magical...not only was it my first time, my darling daughter was part of the performance!

As soon as the music from the live orchestra started, I had goosebumps all over. It was truly a wonderful production. Act I ended with beautiful dancing "Snowflakes" together with very talented Snow King and Queen.

When Act II started, I felt like screaming with excitement. By the time the Russian Dancers entered (which means the clowns were on the wings), the word excitement is an understatement. When the clowns entered jumping and cartwheeling, the audience, packed with moms, dads, and kids, were all clapping (I would have done a cartwheel myself at that point... if I could). Isabella was in character. She was proud to be a clown. Her pride and joy showed in each step and gesture. And I, in all my glorious excitement, was a shining mother.

It was truly an unforgettable night for us....magical, indeed.

(sorry I don't have photos...but will post some as soon as I am able)

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