Babes in Toyland

Tomorrow is THE Big Day for Coastal Chamber Ballet and Coastal Dance & Music Academy. The debut of their first ever ballet production, Babes in Toyland. We are all very tired but very excited. This is what's been keeping Isabella and I very very busy these past couple of weeks. Isabella has been hard at work with rehearsals. My own little contribution is making the programs. I finally got done with layout, folding and stapling all 400 booklets (with the help of some of my angel elves:) Tomorrow is the culmination of everyone's hard work. It promises to be a wonderful ballet production. I will keep you posted on this exciting show. But for now, here are some photos I took from today's dress rehearsal.

Isabella is The French Doll in Act I

She is so very excited for this role as she pops out of a big gift box.

here's a photo with her very close friend, Sonja, on the right as the Toymaker's Assistant,

and with Molly, as Mary Contrary.

here's the entire cast of Act I in front of the school

Here is Isabella as a sheep in Act II with Holland as Bo Peep

And the entire Act II cast

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