Red Hot Bathroom Reveal

There's no stopping us now....when it comes to decorating, that is. After Isabella's purple and pink bedroom, we moved on to our hallway bathroom. From "victorian grandma" style (sorry no before photo) to grand and red hot design. Isabella and I had so much fun with this project...from choosing the color to the actual painting. I did the top portion while she tackled the bottom section. She said she feels like a "design star" (I think we watch too much HGTV:) Whenever I start to get anxious she reminds me to "breath". I think we inhaled paint fumes that we got silly at times...acting like design stars. Then we forgot to realize that we cannot paint behind the comes Phil to the rescue...our toilet engineer/hero:) We finished it in 2 days in time for her dance rehearsals. Hmmm what should we tackle next? either back to Isabella's bedroom to paint the walls her fave purple color (now that we've had some practice) or should we tackle the fence first? We'll see...we sort of just go with the "flow", so to speak, depending on how we feel at the time:) I'll keep you posted.