{Simply Grateful}

so so many things to be grateful for

  • for God's unfailing guidance as He continues to lead me to find something bright in my darker moments; as He continues to send much needed support through the love of angel friends.
  • for angelic conversations
  • for a touching and inspiring ecard from an angel friend
  • for wonderful quality family times (enjoying each other's company as we share in either home cooked meals or meals by the beach; as we drive to Port San Luis to buy crabs that dad cooked for cioppino; as we walk hand in hand through the Port; as Isabella and I watch Phil boogie board)
  • for a husband who is here for a week, lending a helping hand and strengthening family ties
  • for Phil's company at church (two Sundays in a row)
  • for Immanuel's safety as he ventures out into the world, as he lends a helping hand to the world around him
  • for Ian who says to me after I pick him up from school "as long as I have a loving home, I will be ok"
  • for Isabella who makes handmade presents for everyone in the family including grandpa in heaven

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