Fill Your Cup With Faith

This is the theme of New Life's 2nd Annual Ladies Tea and Luncheon. My friend Tessie asked me to help her set up a table. I got there "filipino time" and the table was already set up when I arrived. There were over 30 tables set with different motifs from tuscan to victorian to hawaiian, which is our table set up. Tessie did a great job setting up and decorating the table.

Meet the ladies of faith from our table
our very gracious and elegant host, Tessie Rosen

It was a nice fellowship and luncheon followed by an inspiring guest speaker.

"Is your cup empty or even cracked?" Sometimes we don't realize that our cracks are being used to drip "living water". When we look back we see flowers growing, watered from our cracked pots.

"I'm drinking from my saucer because my cup has overflowed".

Fill Your Cup With Faith

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